Working with so many patients over the years, I’ve been able to identify a number of key areas that affect the majority of people who seek my help. I am continually working hard to create programs that include office visits, lab testing, eating plans and nutritional supplements, as an all-in-one package.

Since everyone is different, there is consultation time that allows for me to customize your program specifically to meet your individual needs. At the same time, approaching your care as a program, streamlines part of the process and makes it easier to implement. This keeps costs lower and allows me to see more patients.

Available Programs Include:

• 21-Day Purification Program

• 10-Day Inflammation Cleanse

• SIBO Support Program

• Adrenal Support Program

• 10-Day Female Vitality Program

• 10-Day Blood Sugar Control Program

• 10-Day Digestion Program

Programs may be offered in private one-on-one office visit type settings or in group format.