When was the last time you felt great?

Many who work with me can’t even answer that question. How about you?

Have you hit a dead-end trying to solve your health issues? Has conventional medicine failed to give you answers? Has the Internet just confused you?

With 20 years of experience using a Functional Medicine and Nutrition model, Dr Lisa helps her patients get to the underlying dysfunction that caused their health issues in the first place.

Instead of focusing on disease, let’s focus on creating optimal health! ~ Dr Lisa

At the core of nearly every chronic disease or unexplained symptom lies a combination of dysfunctional factors. The target is to detect which systems of the body are under stress and bring them back into balance so they begin to function optimally.

This way, chronic disease or uncomfortable symptoms have no place in the body.

We do this through Functional Lab Testing, Nutrition and Personalized Supplementation.

Why treat symptoms when you can correct the cause?

A Functional Medicine approach utilizes a valuable system of tools, based in science and research, to uncover WHY your body isn’t functioning optimally.

We access specialized testing that goes above and beyond what you might see in conventional medicine.

This gives us the pieces of your puzzle that explain why you’re suffering and how fix it using natural and non-toxic therapies!

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