Chia Pudding

chia seed coconut milk pudding recipe

I never know what to eat for breakfast. For anyone with blood sugar issues, I recommend always breaking a fast (first meal of the day) with protein. Otherwise, your body will be struggling with blood sugar swings the rest of the day. But I see a lot of vegan patients who won’t eat eggs or animal […]

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Juicing vs Blending

juicing vs blending juice vs smoothies

I have seen so many juice bars and smoothie cafes popping up lately, which for me is really exciting. I am certainly not opposed to food, but there are times when I’m on the go and just don’t want to stop and eat a salad. Anyone with me? It’s great that I can run in and […]

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Why Purify?

detox and enjoy life

Why Purify? Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins from multiple sources. Over time, these toxins build up, causing all sorts of problems such as: Weight Gain Low Energy Brain Fog Aches and Pains Congestion Digestion Issues . . .just to name a few What’s the Solution? A Purification Program can gently clean out your body […]

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