Time to THRIVE SliderThe Purification Program is unlike anything else out there. It’s not just another diet, detox or cleanse, it’s a super-charged experience that allows you to live in High Resolution!

During a 21-day process, you’ll be eating real food combined with whole-food supplementation so as toxins begin to leave your body, you’ll be replacing them with an incredible amount of nutrition.

Nutrient dense bodies feel ALIVE! They have more energy, their metabolisms rev up, their body weight normalizes, they get their groove back and they begin to glow.

Purify Box

Nourish Box

Energize Box

What’s included:
  • A detailed nutrition plan
  • All of your product
  • A gorgeous 115 page guide to the Purification Program including daily recipes and pantry list
  • Before and after Toxicity Testing
  • 4 coaching sessions, either in person or over the phone
  1. 1 before – explaining the program and how to use it for guaranteed success!
  2. 1 week in – for support and answering questions
  3. 2 weeks in – more support, optional progress tracking and questions answered
  4. 1 final session for follow-up and congratulations, post-Toxicity Testing, and what’s next for continued results
  • Enthusiasm and a sense of wellbeing that you haven’t felt in years (priceless)
What can I expect?

Well, most people report (these are direct quotes from real patients):

  • Increased energy
  • Usually at least a 10+ pound weight loss (some have lost up to 35lb)
  • Improved digestion
  • Flatter belly
  • Clear glowing skin
  • Better sleep
  • Mental clarity
  • An indescribable sense of wellbeing
  • Feeling better than they have in years

. . .just to name a few

Contact me, call me 866-955-9925 or PURCHASE NOW and we’ll get you started and on your way to living in High Definition!

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