I’m feeling pretty excited and optimistic about this cleanse. Although I’ve been detoxing for over 20 years, it’s been a while since I’ve invested in myself and my health this deeply, so I have confidence that the effort will pay off nicely!

I’m using this post as a diary of my personal experience on this journey to Living in High Resolution. Thanks for joining me!

Day 1: Jan 8, 2015

Farmers MarketStarting Weight: 118 pounds

Energy Level: Good

Biggest Concern: I’m not much of an eater, so I’m wondering how I can possibly fit in all the food required to do a truly effective cleanse. We shall see. . .

Day 2: Jan 9, 2015

AM Weight: 117 pounds

Energy Level: Surprisingly good

General Feeling: I’m a little headachy, I’d give it a 2 out of 10 on a pain scale. Far lower than other detoxes I’ve done. I’d also say I’m already experiencing a sense of wellbeing in my digestive tract that usually isn’t there. That tells me that something I had previously been eating must have been flaring up some inflammation. The great thing about a cleanse is that once you’ve completed it and you finally add back foods one at a time, you know exactly which ones cause problems. You feel great on the cleanse and then once the offender hits your gut, you know right away!

Day 3: Jan 10, 2015

detoxEnergy Level: A little tired, not too bad, but a nap sure would be nice. Today I had some lower abdominal bloating. My sense is that my body is pushing out a chunk of toxins. I love it!

Day 4: Jan 11, 2015

AM Weight: 117 pounds

Energy Level: Buzzing with energy

brainbodyGeneral Info: Flavors are starting to come alive! It’s amazing how when we eat a super clean plant-based diet consisting of whole foods that are naturally found in nature, our brain and our body begin to communicate more clearly again. This gives our body a chance to really tell us exactly what it needs: a cucumber, an apple, some tomatoes. This is actually how our bodies were designed. . .to create cravings for the foods that contain the nutrients that we need at any given moment. When we eat processed, genetically modified foods, that are doused with pesticides and chemicals, this innate system gets scrambled and we can’t hear what our body requires because we’re too tuned-in to what our taste buds desire.

Day 5: Jan 12, 2015

Phenomenal life 3Weight: 116 pounds

Energy: Great!

That is all.

Day 6: Jan 13, 2015

detox and hydrateI’ve been running around all day, not drinking enough water, and boy can I tell a difference. Mild nausea, mild headache, energy on the lower side. When you’re detoxing it’s especially important to hydrate ALL throughout the day. No matter what.

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution! 

Day 7: Jan 14, 2015

Paying the price for yesterday’s lack of water intake. Doubling the dose today. However, I can honestly say that my stomach is flatter and feels better than it has in a while. No bloating, zero discomfort, just a nice easy feeling. My skin looks brighter too. I’m so excited by the results I’ve seen this first week!

Too thin for jeansDay 8: Jan 15, 2015


Energy: Shockingly noticeably greater

General Sense: When enough of the toxic load has had a chance to leave the body, you begin to feel really different. It’s as if you literally become aware of the space between the molecules where the toxins used to be. Today, my body feels lighter (and that’s not just referring to weight), less burdened, easier to move around, and it’s as if a major element of stress (that I was so used to I didn’t even notice anymore) has been eliminated. Darn cool. Looking forward to more!

Day 9: Jan 16, 2015


Day 10: Jan 17, 2015

Weight: 114

Energy: Good, but not as abundantly accelerated as yesterday, just a nice even smooth ride.

TupperwareGeneral Info: I wanted to make a note about weight loss through dieting versus toxin loss through detoxing. First of all, your body is so smart that when you have an excess toxin load, it literally stores toxins in your fat cells in order to protect your vital organs from the toxins themselves. Basically, your fat cells act like Tupperware. What opens up the Tupperware? Nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. So when you diet without detoxing, you are cutting back the amount of food you’re eating and depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to open the fat cells. They cannot release their contents and eliminate these toxins from your body. Not your best choice! But when you detoxify, you give your body what it needs to purge the contents of the fat cells, resulting in both fat loss AND toxin removal.

Day 11: Jan 18, 2015

real saltToday, I had a business meeting at a restaurant. Up until today, I had only been eating home-prepared foods. I was able to control every ingredient, seasoning, and method of food prep to ensure that it all fit into the eating plan. Even though we ate at what’s considered to be a health-food restaurant, I could tell immediately that something was off. I noticed a definite sense of fullness in my fingers, around my abdomen and puffiness through my face and around my eyes. It just goes to show how you never know what you’re getting when you don’t prepare your own food. My sense is that it was from the salt in the food. Regular table salt (NaCl) is not good for you. I use and recommend the brand Real Salt®, which is a an all-natural, unprocessed, multi mineral salt. Looking closely, you can see all the different colors of salt crystals (pink, red, brown, gray, white). This is due to the broad spectrum of minerals, each having a different color. You can also use Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan pink salt. Because of the diverse mineral content in these salt varieties, I actually consider them to be supplements that I recommend to my patients in my practice.

Day 12: Jan 19, 2015

relaxing-bathHigh stress day today. When at all possible, avoid stress while you’re detoxing. The ideal environment during a cleanse is one where you fully remove yourself from your normal responsibilities and activities of daily living. It is so beneficial to avoid all electronics: phones, iPads, TV, radio, Internet, computers, anything stimulating. By eliminating these sources of information-overload that have become such a part of our daily lives, we really allow the nervous system to wind down to a normal healthy level where it can then focus ALL of its attention on directing and assisting your body through the detox process. A retreat setting would be preferred, but when that is not possible, spend as much time during your day resting, reading quietly or simply Being!

Day 13: Jan 20, 2015

Back to normal today, all is well. Feeling cleaned out, light, and really grateful that I chose this detox. Oh, and the dark circles under my eyes are gone. Getting to the root cause. . .toxins!

time to thrive purify nourish energize in high resolutionDay 14: Jan 21, 2015

Weight: 113

Energy: Consistently great!

General Sense: I’m really starting to crave my detox products. Like I can’t wait for the next dose. The more I cleanse, the better communication I’m noticing between my brain and my body. It’s faithful to tell me exactly what I need, when I need it. Listening and following is a discipline, but the benefits and results are so worth it! It truly is Living in High Resolution!

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